Planter -
I have been nursed and planted by the Forestmatic planting partner... !
Site -
At first I was a little seedling in a tree nursery, but now I have grown and have been planted in .
Captured on -
All trees planted with Forestmatic are tracked. The first time I am tracked, they take a picture of me and share it with the world. The second time they fly a drone over me, showing-off me and my surroundings.
Status - Planted
Every tree planted with Forestmatic is individually tracked, verified and approved. I like to be physically planted first, then tracked and digitalised before receiving my planted status.
Approved - True
Once I have been planted, tracked and verified, I become approved. This means my hard work absorbing CO2 is now recognized by Forestmatic.
Impact Owner -
Trees planted with Forestmatic are maintained by the landowners, but the environmental impact belongs to the impact owner - the organisation or person funding my nursing, planting and tracking process.
Location -
I am a proud tree that happily shares its location with the world! When I am visited by my planters, they also record my GPS coordinates by satellite.
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